Moving right along…

My husband drove by the lot again this morning on his way to work.  Despite the occasional drizzle we’ve had so far this week (they’ve been calling for severe storms- ha!), progress is being made! (Quite quickly!)  There are windows, and the beginning of a roof!

The PM also spoke to my husband this afternoon.  He expects the roof to be done by Friday afternoon, and next week will be spent with all the stuff that goes inside the walls.  We’re expecting a pre-drywall meeting on the 12th or 13th of May (when my husband gets back from an overseas trip), and drywall to start going up the following day!

what my husband saw this morning

the beginning of a roof


2nd Floor Framing-

On our way back into town, we decided to drive by the lot to see how far they got yesterday.  There was definitely a bit of progress- figured we’d throw a picture up:

2nd floor framing

2nd floor framing has begun

Bad news- it’s supposed to rain tomorrow (Monday) through Wednesday (maybe even Thursday)- guess we’ll see what happens!

The framing has begun!

We knew that the first lumber shipment was supposed to arrive yesterday, and they might get started then or some time today (if they worked)…

We were surprised when we showed up at 10am, and saw this!  (It took less than 24 hours to get this far!)

from the street

from the street.  we’re between two Venice homes, so we’ll break it up a bit.

a bit closer- you can almost see the view of trees from the morning room

a bit closer- you can almost see the view of trees from the morning room

We stopped by and talked to the SA on our way out.  A few more lots have been sold, and the cul-de-sac we’re in is now full! I think there’s still 2-3 lots closer to the beginning of our street, and I think he said there’s around 7 lots left in the neighborhood.  That’s good news for us!


Well, 29 days after our initial loan application with NVR, I got a phone call from our loan processor-  we are APPROVED!

NOW it feels real, and I feel like we can start planning to move this summer!  I also feel like a huge weight has been lifted, and maybe I can stop checking my e-mail every few minutes.

Yay! 🙂


I’ve never been so excited about a concrete slab!

My husband got a call this afternoon from our PM and SA- they let him know that the concrete had been poured for our foundation! They also said that we’re still expecting our first shipment of lumber on Friday, and depending on how early that arrives, framing could begin that day or the next.  They said it should take a little over a week to complete, which would put a potential pre-drywall meeting during the first full week of May.  Awesome, except for my husband will be out of the country all that week.

So-  we *might* have our pre-drywall meeting on/around 05/12 (our 2nd wedding anniversary!)- but that could definitely change, depending on progress, weather, etc.

After all of this, we decided to go out to the lot to see the progress-  it’s starting to feel real!  (Still waiting to hear the final word from NVR, and are down to 2 documents that need to be sent in. We had to put a rush order on my husband’s college transcripts (not cheap) to send them, since he graduated just a year and a half ago.  Hopefully we can get that to them in the next few days!)

Here is what the lot looks like now:

Lot from the front

Lot from the front

a bit closer

a bit closer

from the back corner

from the back corner

panorama (so slightly distorted)

panorama (so slightly distorted)

more from NVR…

I got another call this afternoon from our loan processor.  I was hoping for good news, since we were told the decision process should take around 3 weeks after the application, and we’re a day shy of 4 weeks.  But noooooo….

The underwriter went back to our processor requesting additional documents (at least our loan has moved to underwriting?)-  my husband and I both have to write letters describing breaks in employment history, why I made a drastic change in job fields recently, bank statements from the all of the accounts associated with the account some gift funds we had received (even though they’re not being used for the down payment / closing costs, and not our accounts.  I think this is a bit unreasonable.), a gift letter for those funds, and a letter from our landlords.

I don’t like this…  I started to feel better about all of it with the process being made, then this…

So, right now my husband is out buying a black ink cartridge for our home printer.  With all of the documents we’ve been printing out and scanning to send back, we’ve used our printer more in the last few weeks than we have since we were writing research papers in college. We’ve got letters and forms to print, sign, and send tonight!

We’ve got pipes…

Now we’re getting into the part that I don’t know much about.  My husband has been the one talking to the PM, so I’m just hearing the basics through him (he isn’t very good about remembering conversations in the detail I’d like to hear [’cause I want to know absolutely everything]-  but I think that’s just a guy thing)…

Anyway-  the underground plumbing was installed on Thurs. 04/17.  The next day was a holiday, followed by the weekend.  It rained a good bit this weekend, so there was some sitting water in the holes.  I don’t know if that will delay the foundation, which is supposed to happen early this week (weather pending).  Again, I’m definitely not someone who knows much (or anything) about building homes! (Thankfully, my husband is an engineer, so he knows some basic things. Maybe more. I don’t know.)

We’re also supposed to get our first shipment of lumber on Friday.  I don’t know how that ties into the timeline, but it seems like things are moving right along!  I referred to it as “wood” the other day, and my husband gave me a hard time about that (yeah, yeah)- he started talking about how lumber is pressure treated (etc.)…

We went by the lot this evening, and didn’t take great pictures-  but I’m putting what we took up, just to show the (small) changes…

Well, that pile of rocks is new...

Well, that pile of rocks is new…

You can see the white pipes sticking up out of the ground in a few locations.

You can see the white pipes sticking up out of the ground in a few locations.

The lot across the cul-de-sac (which I believe was sold around a week after us) looks like it’s been graded- so it will be interesting to see how that progress goes as well.

We’re still waiting on that A-word from NVR.  We got an e-mail from our LO on 04/18 with an updated 60-90 day disclosure (we’d added a bit after our initial loan app-  and by a bit, I mean less than 3k)… I figure if we haven’t been denied yet and the construction is progressing like it is, we should be getting good news at some point!