Just a quick update…

I haven’t been out to the lot since last Saturday.  My husband (who is in Germany for the week) got his weekly call from our PM last night.  He said that we’re scheduled for our pre-drywall meeting on 5/12/14 (our 2nd anniversary!  it probably could have been earlier, but we want him to be there).

The PM said that they had received a damaged tub, so they got one day behind waiting on a new tub to be shipped.  He said this wouldn’t be a problem since we’re not having our pre-drywall meeting until Monday.

Here’s something I thought was great-  since my husband is overseas, he took photos of the house (some exterior and interior), and e-mailed them to him to keep him updated, and said to let him know if we come up with any questions.

The pics make it look like the plumbing is in, and I’m assuming the electrical stuff is about done.  That giant dumpster is out of the garage, and things look great!  We’ll have a better update with some pics if things go as scheduled Monday evening!


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