Pre-drywall meeting and a nice surprise!

We went to our scheduled pre-drywall meeting today.  When we got out to the house, there was a very nice surprise:  the siding and shutters are up!  We’re very happy with our color choice- now we can’t wait to see what the door looks like once it gets painted red (which won’t happen until the house is complete)!

The meeting lasted around 90 minutes.  Our PM walked us through the house, explaining why Ryan Homes uses the products that they do, and how these things are beneficial for us.  He also spoke a lot about the energy standards, and what has to be done to pass that inspection.  He was great and answered all of my petty questions!

He said that he expects drywall to be able to begin tomorrow! (And that it should be around a week-long process.  It’s currently sitting in the house.)  He said that landscaping is probably around 3 weeks away- crazy.

So- I took a ton of photos.  We’re happy with what we’re seeing so far!


View from the Front


view from back corner


view from other back corner


morning room from kitchen (sink and dishwasher will be where railing is)


view when walking in from front door


looking toward kitchen and morning room from living room (about where the fireplace is), laundry room is sticking out


upstairs view from top of the stairs. two far windows are in master bedroom.


upstairs loft


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