big changes are taking place inside…

We drove out to the house today, since we haven’t been there in a week or so.  The whole front yard was completely torn up (looks like they’re connecting plumbing to the street or something)- there were piles of dirt, rocks, pipes, and deep trenches, so we weren’t about to try to enter from the front.

I attempted to go in through the back door, but sadly it was locked! (Which was funny, ’cause the front door and garage door were wide open.)  I did peer in, and we have cabinets!  There is also trim (looks like it still needs to be finished), and the drywall has been painted (at least where I could see).  The closets and laundry room have doors (not sure if they’re throughout the house yet), and the mantle has been installed over the fireplace.  It’s really looking nice! (at least from a distance through the windows)

One thing that really surprised me-  we arrived, and had a red door!  It looks like it definitely needs more coats of paint, but I thought this didn’t happen until the very end?  A column has also replaced the wood in the front.

front door

red front door, color is hard to see in shadow

in window

horrible quality photo through morning room door looking into kitchen


One thought on “big changes are taking place inside…

  1. You are at the end, lol. I’m guessing you’re currently about a week behind us and we’ll be closing on the 17th (yes, I think it’ll be real close but I’m fairly confident it will happen).
    With the way your PM has been moving, your house will have caught up to ours by the end! By the way, it looks great!

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