Our kitchen was the first room we managed to finish- it’s also the only one so far.  It’ll probably be a while until the next is ready for it’s photo op…

Finished Kitchen.

Finished Kitchen.


Sorry for disappearing- things got CRAZY!

Well, I meant to keep up with this at the very least through closing!

It was a bit early to say anything, but early in May we found out that, in January 2015, we’ll hopefully be welcoming a baby into the home!  This meant that I felt horribly ill, and had little to no energy to stalk the house or write posts… (or take care of the apartment we were in, or pack, or cook…)

But-  everything went along as scheduled.  The final walk-through was great, but I was in a bit of a daze so don’t remember much about it.

My biggest issue was with NVR.  I was constantly trying to contact them for final approval and numbers.  I didn’t have a final closing figure until almost 3pm THE DAY BEFORE CLOSING- which meant I had 2 hours to get to the bank for a certified check, since we were closing first thing in the morning.  I was frustrated.

We got our stuff together, and closed on time.  So much signing, but less stressful than expected.

A week later, we moved in!  We still have a few rooms without furniture… also several that are halfway painted as I try to figure out what looks best (and get tired/lightheaded trying to paint).  I’m also finally gaining energy (over halfway through the pregnancy), and have gotten back to unpacking.  It’s quite a process for us… but we’re getting there.  Hopefully I’ll backtrack and add more photos as we get settled!