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Our kitchen was the first room we managed to finish- it’s also the only one so far.  It’ll probably be a while until the next is ready for it’s photo op…

Finished Kitchen.

Finished Kitchen.


Sorry for disappearing- things got CRAZY!

Well, I meant to keep up with this at the very least through closing!

It was a bit early to say anything, but early in May we found out that, in January 2015, we’ll hopefully be welcoming a baby into the home!  This meant that I felt horribly ill, and had little to no energy to stalk the house or write posts… (or take care of the apartment we were in, or pack, or cook…)

But-  everything went along as scheduled.  The final walk-through was great, but I was in a bit of a daze so don’t remember much about it.

My biggest issue was with NVR.  I was constantly trying to contact them for final approval and numbers.  I didn’t have a final closing figure until almost 3pm THE DAY BEFORE CLOSING- which meant I had 2 hours to get to the bank for a certified check, since we were closing first thing in the morning.  I was frustrated.

We got our stuff together, and closed on time.  So much signing, but less stressful than expected.

A week later, we moved in!  We still have a few rooms without furniture… also several that are halfway painted as I try to figure out what looks best (and get tired/lightheaded trying to paint).  I’m also finally gaining energy (over halfway through the pregnancy), and have gotten back to unpacking.  It’s quite a process for us… but we’re getting there.  Hopefully I’ll backtrack and add more photos as we get settled!

Some interior photos-

We got to walk around inside today, for the first time in 2 weeks or so.  We’re very happy with how it looks so far!  My big thing was wanting the inside to feel light and open, and I think the choices we made look alright!  (Also- we are soooo glad we decided to get the morning room.)

Vinyl flooring is in, the tile is in the master bath (still needs to be grouted), light fixtures have been installed, and the house has electricity.  Sometime next week, all of the bare floors should be covered in carpet.  While we were there, the a/c unit was being installed.  Yay progress!  Hopefully, we’ll successfully close one month from tomorrow!

Front Entry

Front Entry

Lower level from front of house

Lower level from front of house

Living room from kitchen

Living room from kitchen



Counter / Cabinet / Floor colors up close

Counter / Cabinet / Floor colors up close

Upstairs Loft

Upstairs Loft

Upstairs hall from master

Upstairs hall from master

Upstairs Bath

Upstairs Bath

Master Bath Vanity / Lights

Master Bath Vanity / Lights

Master Shower

Master Shower

Shower Tile

Shower Tile

Morning Room

Morning Room

big changes are taking place inside…

We drove out to the house today, since we haven’t been there in a week or so.  The whole front yard was completely torn up (looks like they’re connecting plumbing to the street or something)- there were piles of dirt, rocks, pipes, and deep trenches, so we weren’t about to try to enter from the front.

I attempted to go in through the back door, but sadly it was locked! (Which was funny, ’cause the front door and garage door were wide open.)  I did peer in, and we have cabinets!  There is also trim (looks like it still needs to be finished), and the drywall has been painted (at least where I could see).  The closets and laundry room have doors (not sure if they’re throughout the house yet), and the mantle has been installed over the fireplace.  It’s really looking nice! (at least from a distance through the windows)

One thing that really surprised me-  we arrived, and had a red door!  It looks like it definitely needs more coats of paint, but I thought this didn’t happen until the very end?  A column has also replaced the wood in the front.

front door

red front door, color is hard to see in shadow

in window

horrible quality photo through morning room door looking into kitchen

Drywall and a Garage Door

On Thursday, my husband got an e-mail from the PM saying our final walk-through is scheduled for the morning of 06/25/14.  He also thinks NVR will try to schedule our closing around 07/01/14, so we’ll see how that goes.

We hadn’t been out to the lot since the pre-drywall meeting (6 days ago), so we decided to drive out on this rainy Sunday.

The drywall appeared to be up everywhere, and we gained gutters and a garage door.

I don’t know much about this part of the process, or where we go from here, so I’m going to leave it at that!  (Plus just a few pictures.)

front with garage

Front with the garage door and gutters


living room (fireplace is covered by cardboard)

drywall 2

morning room from kitchen


master bedroom

Pre-drywall meeting and a nice surprise!

We went to our scheduled pre-drywall meeting today.  When we got out to the house, there was a very nice surprise:  the siding and shutters are up!  We’re very happy with our color choice- now we can’t wait to see what the door looks like once it gets painted red (which won’t happen until the house is complete)!

The meeting lasted around 90 minutes.  Our PM walked us through the house, explaining why Ryan Homes uses the products that they do, and how these things are beneficial for us.  He also spoke a lot about the energy standards, and what has to be done to pass that inspection.  He was great and answered all of my petty questions!

He said that he expects drywall to be able to begin tomorrow! (And that it should be around a week-long process.  It’s currently sitting in the house.)  He said that landscaping is probably around 3 weeks away- crazy.

So- I took a ton of photos.  We’re happy with what we’re seeing so far!


View from the Front


view from back corner


view from other back corner


morning room from kitchen (sink and dishwasher will be where railing is)


view when walking in from front door


looking toward kitchen and morning room from living room (about where the fireplace is), laundry room is sticking out


upstairs view from top of the stairs. two far windows are in master bedroom.


upstairs loft

Just a quick update…

I haven’t been out to the lot since last Saturday.  My husband (who is in Germany for the week) got his weekly call from our PM last night.  He said that we’re scheduled for our pre-drywall meeting on 5/12/14 (our 2nd anniversary!  it probably could have been earlier, but we want him to be there).

The PM said that they had received a damaged tub, so they got one day behind waiting on a new tub to be shipped.  He said this wouldn’t be a problem since we’re not having our pre-drywall meeting until Monday.

Here’s something I thought was great-  since my husband is overseas, he took photos of the house (some exterior and interior), and e-mailed them to him to keep him updated, and said to let him know if we come up with any questions.

The pics make it look like the plumbing is in, and I’m assuming the electrical stuff is about done.  That giant dumpster is out of the garage, and things look great!  We’ll have a better update with some pics if things go as scheduled Monday evening!