03/15/2014Our first visit.  Look at a Florence and a Sienna.

03/19/2014 – Our second visit.  Start discussing floor plans, upgrades, and pricing.  We put a $500 reserve on a lot, and are given 3 days to sign a contract.

03/22/2014 – We return.  Take another look at a Florence, and look at lots to make sure we like what we chose.  Play a bit more with pricing.  Find numbers and options we’re happy with.  Write the largest check of our lives (3.5% down- for now), and sign the contract.  Place “SOLD” sign on our lot.

03/26/2014First meeting with NVR.  Decided to go with a standard loan instead of FHA.  Signed papers until our hands went numb.  Told that we should hear back in approximately 3 weeks.  (LO said we look good, and she definitely expects us to be approved.)  Got a call from SR almost as soon as we got home from the meeting, saying that they want to try for a June completion on our home, and schedules our pre-construction meeting for 4/7.

03/29/2014 – Go to the office to take another look at counter top options, because I’m constantly second-guessing myself.  Pass our lot while going to look at the flooring in a model-  and to our surprise, there were stakes marking the house layout!  SA said they usually go up about a week before the pre-construction meeting (at least where we are).

04/02/2014Meeting with Rite Rug.  Added around 2k in upgrades (ouch! but, about what we were expecting).  Took an hour.

04/03/2014Meeting with Guardian.  Lasted around an hour.

04/05/2014 – Deadline for any changes. Made more changes.

04/06/2014 – Day after deadline for any changes. Make another change.

04/07/2014 – Pre-Construction meeting.  Went over forms and plans. Discussed what comes next.  Walked through lot with PM.  Lasted just under 2 hours.

04/09/2014 – Finally hear something from NVR (exactly 2 weeks after application).  Got a call from a Loan Processor (loan is in processing– go figure), more documents are needed ASAP before our loan can go to underwriting (probably some time next week).

04/14/2014 – Took a trip out to the lot to see how it looks after grading.  Surprised by the amount of space (a good surprise).  It happened sometime before this actual date (a rainy day), but this is just when we found out about it!

04/17/2014 Underground plumbing installed.

04/22/2014 –  NVR Loan Processor called.  Underwriter needs more documents-  which means loan is probably in underwriting. (1 day short of 4 weeks after application)

04/23/2014 – My husband drove out to the lot very early in the morning, and the pile of gravel had been spread out, and covered with a tarp.  By the end of the day, we got a call from our PM and SA-  we have a foundation!

04/24/2014 – NVR loan processor called.  We’re approved! (29 days after initial application)

04/25/2014 – First shipment of lumber.  Framing begins.

04/28/2014 – Windows added. Roofing Begins.  Also could be around 04/29– things change quickly, and we don’t go every day!

05/01/2014 We have a door.  Now we have a good idea of front elevation.  Roofing underway.

05/09-10/2014 – Siding and shutters.

05/12/2014  Pre-Drywall meeting.  Lasted around 90 minutes.

Week of 05/13/2014 Drywall installation.  Garage door installed.  Gutters added.

Week of 05/19/2014 – Trim and Cabinet work.  Drywall patches.  Door painted (first coat).  First layer of paint.  Fireplace mantel added.

05/20/2014 – Rate locked.  0.3% lower than the original estimate- so we’re happy about that!

05/29-31/2014 – Vinyl flooring, Electrical fixtures, Counter tops, A/C unit.

Week of 06/01:  Carpet, hardwood, driveway

Week of 06/08:  Landscape

06/25/2014 – Final Walk-through


07/06/2014 – Moving Day!


One thought on “Timeline

  1. In the initial contract, we were given a completion date of July 7, 2014. However, when we met with our LO, she said Ryan Homes finishes out a quarter at the end of June. She said she wouldn’t be surprised if they completed our house by then so they can get higher numbers for this quarter. It looks like we’re in the same boat. So exciting!!

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